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Vido  is an island of the Ionian Islands group of Greece.

It is a small island (less than a kilometer in diameter) at the mouth of the port of Corfu.

During the First World War, the island of Corfu served as an island hospital and quarantine for sick Serbian soldiers following the epic retreat of the Serbian army and part of the civilian population through Montenegro and Albania in 1915 following the Austro-German-Bulgarian invasion of Serbia.

While the main camps of the recuperating army were on Corfu itself (a contingent was sent to Bizerte as well, and many of the civilian refugees were accepted by France), the sick and near-dying, mostly soldiers, were treated on Vido to prevent epidemics.

A monument of gratitude to the Greek nation was erected at Vido by Serbs in the 1930s.

The waters around Vido island are sometimes referred to as the Blue Sea Tomb (Serbian: Plava Grobnica), after a poem written by Milutin Bojić after World War I.

Vido is a very good Island for the nature lovers.

There are no vehicles allowed. there are plenty of rabbits, birds, lizards and snakes with walking trails around it and through the forest of cypresses.

There are 3 sandy-pebble beaches, ruins of a small fort and the rest is covered by lush vegetation.

There is one restaurant in front of the small dock when you arrive and a kiosk on the other side but both operate only during the summer.

You can get the boat to Vido from the old port (it starts opposite BP gas station in the old port). It departs every hour and no prior booking is required.